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What is e-Agent Network ? 

1. Networking among agents' members through combination of electronic and traditional way to market their products (to get buyers or sellers) by cost and time saving.  

2. By participle in e-Agent Network, among the members can co-broking,  exchange and share information easily and close a deal together and faster to achieve win-win position. 

Why agents should join e-Agent Network ? 

The real estate industry is in transition. Technology is changing the home-buying experience. Buyers are finding their own homes, lenders, and closing service providers online. And predatory technology companies are gobbling up the industry. So where will you fit in? provide a marketplaces and a network system to lead our members to achieve bigger share in property market.  In this boundless world, internet can speed up a transaction. Agents all work under one roof  in order to provide more efficient service to sellers, intended purchasers, tenants or investors.

One of the unique contain of this web site is Property Wanted post by Prospect Purchasers or Tenants. For a full list of these prospects, you may just find your next business opportunity here. A new comer in real estate agency field may become a successful agent by using our unique web site. 

Be implementing e-Agent Network for property agents, the promotion of professionalism and efficiency of real estate agency services will achievable.

Under our system, members have flexibility and convenience to input, update and manage their own listings by DIY. All these information are stored at our database and searchable by state, location & type of property through our powerful search engine. When you post ads for your properties, they will appear simultaneously on,, and as well.

Nevertheless, by register a website under, an agency will have their own identity. This website is special designed for real estate agencies which contain of Home, About Us, Property Search, List Property With US, News, Property Guide, Links, Property Wanted Lists and Contact Us. reserved